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Passenger information

Hand luggage

Is the type of luggage (usually personal valuables and items) free of charge that passengers are allowed to carry along, under their responsibility, in the passenger compartment instead of moving to the cargo compartment.

Each passenger may carry on:

  • 1 piece of luggage is permitted per person. Maximum weight is 8kg. Maximum dimensions are 55cm x 35cm x 25cm.
  • 1 personal item (handbag, laptop, baby bag).
  • Any piece of luggage that does not meet these requirements will need to be checked in as hold baggage.
  • Besides, there are a number of items that must not be taken as hand luggage. Revise all the forbidden elements.

Any piece of baggage carried on either as hand luggage or in the hold will be subject to be searched at each airport for passenger safety .

Forbidden elements

It is strictly forbidden the transportation of dangerous goods either in the passenger compartment or in the hold since these kinds of elements are capable of posing a significant risk to health, safety, property or environment. If you do not declare these items, you will be infringing Civil Aviation Regulations. If you still have questions or in case of doubt, revise all the exceptions for special baggage items.

Items that are not allowed as hand luggage

Firearms, sharp objects, liquids, gels and aerosols may only be transported in the aircraft’s hold. If you bring a prohibited item as carry-on baggage, it may be detained by the airport security personnel. In order to comply with this regulation, the hand baggage inspection process differs from airport to airport. In some cases it is carried out by the local authority (security checkpoint at departure lounges) otherwise it is done by our company’s security personnel at the departure gate of the flight.

Firearms and sharp objects

Refers to any items used for cutting such as metal files and nail flippers, needles or knitting needles, tools, etc. You may transport firearms as checked baggage but they must be declared and unloaded beforehand. Failure to do so is a violation of Civil Aviation Regulations.

Liquids, gels and aerosols

In some places, the restrictions regarding hand luggage apply for arriving and departing flights so that some liquids, gels and aerosols may be detained and not returned to you. This situation is not our responsibility so we recommend you to revise hand baggage restrictions in order to avoid problems at the last time minute. Still, you may carry this type of products in containers with a capacity under 100 ml and only when transported in a transparent sealable plastic bag with a maximum capacity of 1l which must be presented for inspection at the security checkpoint. Medication and special foods (e.g. baby food that does not exceed the quantity required for the flight) can be taken on board. In the case of medicines, you may be required to show a medical certificate or a prescription in your name.

Oversized Items

Please acquaint yourself with the duty–free allowances and exemptions before confirming your ticket to avoid any problems at the check-in points. Oversized items such as valuable objects of art, sports or musical equipment may be considered part of the free checked baggage allowance provided that their dimensions do not disturb passengers comfort on board (depending on the number of free seats and the flight conditions).

In any event, articles allowed must also meet the following requirements:

Sports equipment:

  • Special items should be packaged accordingly within a piece of luggage (a bag or a box specially designed for transportation)
  • The size of the packed piece should not exceed 150 linear cm.
  • The piece should not weight more than 25kg.
  • Each item should meet the security conditions required for hand baggage and should not be included within the prohibited items.
  • In the case of bicycles traveling in one piece, the handlebars must be fixed sideways and the pedals must be removed; otherwise, they must be wrapped in a suitable material so as to prevent them from damaging other articles.

Musical equipment:

  • As these items are fragile, they must be transported in cases and containers specially designed for their transportation.
  • Small instruments may be carried in the cabin, provided that they are going in their case and comply with the requirements established for hand luggage.

Pets and other animals

You may transport household pets (such as dogs, cats and small ornamental birds) that meet the applicable government regulation of the country they are entering and which have the proper documentation. These animals will be kept in the aircraft’s hold and should be safely restrained in a pet carrier. Health requirements issued by the relevant authority should be met so that we advise you to take all the precautions for the safe transportation (entering or leaving the country) of your pet beforehand since at the check-in point the company will not deal with such problems.

Only service animals will be allowed into the aircraft’s cabin depending on the number of passengers on board and the flight conditions. For that reason, particular attention will be given not only to the container features but also to the animal’s weight and size so as not to cause discomfort to other passengers.

Charges for excess baggage

Charges with a baggage allowance of 2 pieces, each weighing 20kg.

* For weight excess but not additional piece, the following charges will apply:

  • 1 charge for weights that range from 20kg. to 30kg.
  • 2 charges for weights that range from 30kg. to 45kg. (if the route allows it).

* For additional pieces:

  • 2 charges per piece of baggage.

* For weight excess and additional pieces:

  • The charges for weight excess (according to the previous rule) will be added to the 2 charges per additional piece.

Any piece over the baggage allowance or baggage that exceeds the size and weight limitations will be sent by freight.

Problems with your baggage

If you come to be in this uncomfortable and annoying situation we advise you to do as follows:

If you do not find your baggage:

  • If you have forgotten an item on board in the cabin, contact the company representative and he will get in touch with the cabin crew if the time since you have left the aircraft is not too long.
  • If it does not appear at the baggage claim area of the airport, contact the company personnel at the destination airport with your identifying items and your voucher. Provide him a full description of your missing bag. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT UNTILL YOU HAVE A WRITTEN ANSWER OR BEFORE HAVING YOUR REQUEST SATISFIED.
  • If it is still missing and you have already done your claim at the airport, you may send an email to the company (Contact us) to consult us about your missing item.

Should one or more of your bags be damaged on arrival you must do the following:

  • Notify the company personnel before leaving the airport’s baggage claim area. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT BEFORE HAVING YOUR REQUEST SATISFIED.


  • The company is not liable for damage to baggage containing fragile and/or perishable items. In addition to this, the company cannot be held responsible for minor damages such as scratches, dents, spots, lost wheels, etc. caused by normal handling or overstuffed bags.
  • The company is not liable for any damage resulting from inspections by the airport security authorities. If this happens to you, you should report your claim to the relevant authority.